Welcome to Attachment Healing Counseling Services
Specializing in the treatment of couples, families, children and individuals with attachment and trauma related issues.

I am a Marriage Family Therapy Associate who is passionate about the healing power of relationships and family. I have additional training in working with children and adults in the areas of bonding, attachment, trauma, adoption, complicated grief, as well as extensive training working with Military and PTSD.  I offer counseling services for families, couples and individuals, and military members from an Attachment and Emotionally-Focused (adult attachment) perspective.
When do families seek attachment therapy?
Families seek attachment therapy when they become frustrated with traditional forms of therapy, those focused primarily on changing behavior and quick-fix responses to significant disruption in the family. By this point, families are typically on the brink of giving up hope that the attachment difficulties will ever resolve. This is where I step in to offer compassion, skill and a commitment to clients and their families.
These are the types of families that may contact me for Attachment Therapy:
  • An adoptive family
  • a foster family
  • a birth family
  • a blended family
When do couples and individuals seek attachment therapy?
Couples and Individuals come for similar reason as families, only the issue does not include a child. Couples struggling to connect, trust, who are in constant conflict and are wanting to learn how to love each other better, rather than learning techniques to simply end a fight. Individuals also struggling with interpersonal relationships seek attachment therapy to find healing from trauma relational wounds.
These are the types of couples and individuals that may contact me for therapy:
  • Married Couples
  • Premarital Couples
  • Couples in a committed relationship
  • All individuals
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